Let’s Talk About Decanting

What is decanting? Do I need to do it? Decanting is just pouring the wine from the bottle into another container, usually a really cool glass container. And no, you don’t NEED to decant your wine, but the extra step can have amazing results. 

Decanters come in many shapes. Some are downright pieces of art! Get one that catches your attention. Some of them can be difficult to handle, so make sure it’s easy to fill and rinse out. Decanting introduces oxygen to your wine. This helps get rid of any stinky aromas and reduces the acidity and tannins. It will also separate the wine from any sediment.

To decant your bottle of wine, open it, pour it into your decanter, allowing the wine to hit the sides of the decanter as it fills. This lets more air hit the wine, allowing it to breathe. Then wait. Wait? Really? Yes, I know this takes discipline, but WAIT! Give it at least 15-30 minutes to sit and open up. The bolder the wine the longer you should let it decant. This process makes the wine taste smoother and more flavorful. It’s totally worth the extra step. I love that velvety finish!

So what if you’ve had a really long day at work and just don’t have this extra step in you? That’s fine. But at the very least, always always use an aerator. It basically does the same thing at a smaller level and it just pops into your open wine bottle. But it still helps a lot.

I like this aerator


This decanter 👆🏻 allows you to put the wine back in the bottle! It’s a little tricky at first. You have to ease the top off slowly so wine doesn’t spurt everywhere.

Try decanting your next bottle of wine. I think you will notice the difference in the taste and finish. Let me know how it goes. Cheers! 🍷

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