Meet Mama

Hi! I’m Mama, aka Lesli. I am a wine-loving wife to Dave, my high-school sweetheart, and a mama to 3 beautiful daughters. I have 2 awesome Sons-in-Law and will gain a 3rd in August! Family time is my absolute favorite thing. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, watching football, (especially the Arizona Cardinals) Pilates, hanging out with friends, and the endless pursuit of finding good wine.

I live in Oceanside, CA. It’s a wonderful, lazy beach town that is changing rapidly with new development. I love the calming influence of the ocean. However, San Diego county is very much a craft beer haven, so I often drive up the coast to Paso Robles, a down-to-earth wine region that has stoked my passion for good wine. I love sitting at a beautiful winery sipping wine while hearing how it was made. So relaxing!

This blog is all about my passion and love for wine. It’s not about wine snobbery or technical wine terms. It’s just me, pursuing wine in a fun and approachable way. I’d love for you to join me.